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27 June 2008

Lament of a romance writer

It's been a funny sort of a week. I've done very little in the way of writing, although I have started (tentatively) the third story in what is likely to be known as (to me anyway) 'The Starquest Trilogy'. Starquest started out as a short story. It grew to a full length novel because I couldn't bear to let my heroine go (we're very close she and I, she's everything I'm not but would like to be - beautiful, redhaired, brave, clever - and not so perfect that she annoys everyone intensely. Or at least I hope not). I never expected it to be more than one novel.

Anyway, having finished the first novel and started the depressing but necessary submission process, I whiled away the time between rejections by wondering what happened to her best friend. (Who was languishing on another planet). When my luck finally changed and I received an email (the day I left hospital after a major operation) from the Wild Rose Press with a CONTRACT attached, I got a move on and finished 'Children Of The Mist' several months later, submitted it and was thrilled to receive another Contract. (Just because one receives a contract for one book, it doesn't follow on that one will necessarily receive a Contract for the sequel.) Then my wonderful crit partners and reader friends began nagging me to tell them what happened to one of the major characters in 'Starquest' so I've put aside the Western, which I will finish one day, and started on 'Beloved Enemy' (working title which may change).

That was rather a long-winded way of saying I haven't actually achieved much this week, except start something - if you can call one paragraph a start! I seem to have been deluged by emails 300 at yesterday's count although they're down to 32 now).


What 'they' don't tell you is that unless you're a well known celebrity (or a 'Big Brother' contestant) or a best selling author writing the book is the easy part. The hard slog is getting your name out there and persuading people to actually buy your book. Well, besides maintaining a Website, Blog and My Space, that means joining as many author/writer groups as possible and trying to comment on them at least occasionally. So that's where my 300 odd emails came from.(no, sadly they weren't all fan mail and the junk mail goes in a separate folder. So most of my time has been spent on the net this week, with very little writing getting done. I have to admit though, it is great fun working through all the various comments on all the various loops, and joining in celebrating other authors' achievements, reviews, new covers, etc. etc. Then there were the dentist's appointments (two, and the dreaded e-x-t-r-a-c-t-i-o-n, which entailed several rounds of injections and I still felt it. Still, it's out now and I'm glad to be rid of the darned thing.) Horses, husband and beloved but very lively rescue dog seem to have taken up the rest of my time. OK, excuses. Oh, didn't you know, we authors are very good at procrastinating! It's one of the tricks our muse likes to play on us.
Hey-ho, must try to do better next week.

Talking of muses -

Latest news

The first of Series II of the 'Song Of The Muses' anthology should be released next weekend, if all goes to plan. This is 'The Brightest Heaven' by Masha Holl and is Urania's story. The week after that will be 'Erato's Tears' by Reece Herring and in the third week of July - Terpsichore's tale, 'Dancing With Fate' by yours truly should hit the e-bookshelves. They'll all be out in print in October if things go according to schedule. I'll continue to post details here of each story as it's published.

Oh - and I just heard from my editor I should be having a release date for 'Starquest' very soon. You'll hear my excited shriek as soon as I do!