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7 June 2008


When I started thinking seriously about trying to get my work published I realised I was about to make a long journey. I knew it would involve hard work, persistence and disappointment. When I finally struck lucky and my first novel 'Starquest' was accepted by the Wild Rose Press I didn't realise that along with the excitement and further hard work of publication, I would find something else along the way - friendship.

No work of fiction of any length can be solely attributed to the author. Even the 'big names' like Stephen King, would be the first to admit that after the first draft is completed, the essential next stage is to have it read through by a trusted crit partner. Sometimes this partner can be your life partner, husband or wife, or another member of your family. Often the crit partner is an 'on-line' friend, someone you may never have met in real life. Apart from crit partners there are other on-line writer friends, who give you criticism when asked for, advice, and unwavering support. They are there to cheer us on when we have a new Contract or a great review, and they support and comfort us through the disappointment of a rejection. Today I would like to give a little of that support and friendship back and highlight just three of my on--line friends published with The Wild Rose Press, and congratuate them on their latest achievements.


Miss Mae's 'tagline' is 'Pure Southern' Genteel' and everything I know about this lady reflects that.
Crit partner, moral booster and correspondent, she is a talented and ingenious writer of Romantic Suspense. Her first publication with The Wild Rose Press was the best selling 'See No Evil My Pretty Lady' which I talk about in more detail in an earlier post, and she has just received another contract for her latest story 'Said The Spider To The Fly'. I won't tell you too much other than that although quite a different story, it is just as intriguing and absorbing as 'See No Evil and will grip you until the very last page.


Sky is another friend who has given me unwavering support and encouragement, and given me faith in myself, and become a 'real' friend as well as an on-line one. She is the highly talented author of a Time Travel paranormal series about hunky Scottish Highlanders - the Mac'LomainTrilogy. You have to read her books to fully appreciate her imagination and her skill in creating characters with whom the reader can really connect. The first of the series. Fate's Monolith' was published last year and the second was reaeased at the end of May, ' and is called Destiny's Denial. These novels are wonderful reading individually, but once you've read 'Fate's Monolith' you'll be hooked by the Clan Mac 'Lomain and want to real them all. The last one is 'Sylvan's Mist' and I can't wait for it to be released. Sky is also one of the nine authors involved in the series of three anthologies about the Greek Muses 'Song Of The Muses'. Her story which will be released electronically on 13th June is entitled 'Highland Muse' (Yes her hero is another Scot in a kilt) and the other muses' stories will be released at weekly intevals throughout the summer.


Skhye holds an MS in Geology and if you have any questions about anthropology or archaeolgy she is the person to go to. She has a wide data base of reference books about ancient civilisations and other invaluable subjects which she is generous enough to share in her blog. She works tirelessly to help and support other writers and helps run various competitions etc. She is the author of one of the most original and fascinating novels I have ever read 'He Of The Fiery Sword' a completely new twist on the Arthurian legends. She also has a second novel with The Wild Rose Press, entitled 'Sacrificial Hearts.' To get a taste of her writing read her FREE short story 'Vow Of Superstition - Dragon's Blood'

Skhye is the author of the first story in the 'Song Of The Muses' anthology, 'Ancient Musings'
which was released on 6th June. A great story to start off the series.

All three of these lovely ladies are best selling authors as well as friends and fellow writers. I have many more on-line friends, and I wish I could mention them all, but I will feature as many as I can in this blog when they have new releases or Contracts. Thanks to you all, my life is so much richer for your friendship.