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15 May 2008

New Contract!

I am so excited! I've just posted off my latest Contract - for the sequel to my debut novel 'Starquest'.

It's called 'Children of the Mist' and is set on Earth planet
Niflheim, named after the land of mist and cold in Nordic legends. Some of the characters from the first book are in Children of the Mist but there are some new faces as well.
This is what best selling Wild Rose Press author Miss Mae says about it:

"The planet Niflheim, a world where icy mists cloak tall, ragged mountains while colorful flowers bloom against the snow. The inhabitants are a gentle, peaceful people until the day a deadly virus is deliberately unleashed among them. With the population falling ill and dying, a barbaric enemy invades, seeking to conquer what is perceived as easy prey.

Assisted by special friends Jess and Dahll, it's courageous Vidarh with the beautiful Tamarith and others of his race, who form a small band of resistance. What follows is a struggle for survival with danger lurking around each mist-shrouded precipice.

Adventure, suspense and nail-biting battles so realistic you can smell the blaster fire comprise this sequel to Hywela Lyn's debut novel, 'Starquest'. 'Children of the Mist' is more than a romance tale. It's a moving story packed with powerful emotions of ruthless vengeance, blood-chilling terror -- and offering personal sacrifice.

This unforgettable book is one I recommend as a keeper!

Miss Mae

-- See No Evil, My Pretty Lady from The Wild Rose Press "