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23 May 2008

BritBlog and Fridays

Well it's Friday again! I have been a bit tardy with my posting this week - mainly because I've been busy with edits and galleys - Yippeee!

The great news is that at last I've had the galley for 'Starquest', made the necessary amendments and sent them to my editor. With luck that should mean I get a release date s-o-o-n! Oh Joy! I can't tell you how excited I am. This has been such a long haul. 'The book of my heart' as we romance writers like to call our favourite 'baby' (usually our first) lay in a drawer for several years until I took it out, had another look at it, and rewrote it. Then, after doing several rounds of agents, I sent it to the Wild Rose Press. Joy of joys they accepted it - but there have been a few problems, mainly to do with changes of editor and a very busy 'paranormal' line which is what Starquest fits into, but ... finally I can see the light of day!

Hot on the heels of the galley for Starquest came the edits for Dancing with Fate. It's all happening now, and the first book in the anthology 'Ancient Musings' by Skhye Monchrief will be released very shortly. Please see my previous post for news of an exciting contest running all summer with each of the 'Muse Sisters' taking part. Some great prizes to be won, so don't miss out.

As I said in the title of this post, it's Friday again. I've recently joined a great blogging group 'The BritBlog' . The aim of this Blog is to bring British authors published in the US together so that we can share our experiences and support each other, and also to be 'on hand' if any of our American friends want to 'pick our brains' for pearls of British wisdom - or just some information! To this end, every Friday we'll be hosting a 'Question and Answer' session, so if you have a question relating to the British way of life, historical or contemporary, come along and ask away. We may not know all the answers, but we'll sure as heck do our best! Just click on the title to go to the blog. I know I should have posted this earlier in the day, but I needed to get those galleys out of the way and then I had a date with the farrier (no not that sort of date, my horses needed their hooves trimmed. Horses are, of course, my other love, as I said in an earlier post.
What was that? What is the flower at the top of the page? (There's also a smaller version on the bottom of this page). Well, it's a blue Anraatian rose, and plays quite an important part in Starquest . I thought I'd put it there because there is already a picture of Starquest's cover here, and the Muse trilogy covers, and nothing else seemed to fit this post, but I do like to have a picture to give a bit of respite from my whitterings!