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11 January 2008

Sally - RIP


Yesterday I lost my friend, Sally, and I thought I'd just like to put my favourite picture of her here, in my blog. This was taken over twelve years ago on the last long distance ride we did together. She was in her twenties then, but still full of life and as my vet described her last year 'a feisty little mare'.
Bless her, she had her moments. When I first bought this little golden horse she used to rear up and try to brush me off against the hedge, but once we reached an understanding she worked her socks off for me and I think she enjoyed the endurance riding we did in Wales as much as I did.
I retrained her to Western riding from English and she adapted to it very happily. She had what I hope was a happy and long retirement, until Thursday when she had an attack of surgical colic and I had to make the terrible decision to let her be put to rest. There was a very slim chance she might have been saved by surgery, but it was a long shot and the vet was not optimistic. I wouldn't put her through the trauma of an operation with such a slim chance of success.

I'm still grieving and will do for a long time to come, but I have some very happy memories of Sal, and like to think of her frolicking in the meadows beyond the Rainbow Bridge, with her friends, Flikka and Star.

Now I must try to put my sadness aside and get back to my writing and my Work in Progress, but I won't forget you Sal. RIP